Become a better designer

We want you to stop live vicariously through the designers you follow and join our team to finally become one that others be amazed by. It does not matter whether you are a design newbie or an amateur who, so to speak, has kneaded design dough already. Challenge yourself at andstudio and glisten with creative sweat afterwards.

What the program is about

The internship program works both ways. From your side, we expect your very own unique design style and creativity as far as you can go. In exchange, we will give you a vital tool kit every designer needs, supportive mentors if you lose your head in any design challenges, and a coherent learning process that you could apply to real projects we work on.

Design & Creativity
Creativity lights in various ways and methods when it comes to the whole design industry. However, visual identity design (yes yes, the one we do) is many-sided and requires a full package of skills. It unites illustration, typography, animation, symbolism, composition, plus an inquiring mind of yours. The mind that questions every decision and bases it on structured and analytical thinking. No worries if you feel not having the whole store of knowledge yet. We promise you will discover them during the program!
Brand design
Brand design is the central area of learning throughout the internship program. Although the word "brand" itself is quite short, it contains a lengthy list of different yet exciting design hurdles. The sandbox, where you will build your own forts and castles, will be concept development, brand design, visual identity design, and communication tools development. Your responsibilities at each stage will not be the same, albeit participating in the process from A to Z will help you understand the overall branding process.
Concept design
Brand concept development is based on general guidelines of tasks, market analysis, and reasonable conclusions. You will start to form clear basic ideas for branding and learn how to validate them with historical, cultural, and literary sources. While developing the concept, you will notice how you turn into a translator. Well, almost literally, because you will learn how to frame your concept based on the idea description guidelines. In Lithuanian and English, with a descriptive and pictorial presentation with texts, visual examples, videos, diagrams in order to explain the concept and move any brand strategy to the visual language.
Logotype design
Of course, you will not get away without creating a logotype. Based on a common concept of brand identity, you will learn how to create the best possible logotype variants and fulfill your ideas with different visual techniques and compositions. Besides, we will give you nods and applauses if you learn how to describe your sketches with the previously formed brand concept, and again, a detailed presentation of all the means to clarify the ideas.
Visual identity design
The development of a visual identity system contains a set of graphic elements, typography, and colors that support the developed identity direction. All jumbled together, they respond to the essential strategic goals of the task. Based on the guidelines, you will formulate basic principles of the brand identity architecture and make atop necessary adaptations to use. You will see about all the communication tools, PowerPoint presentations, and provide possible examples of visual identity fulfillment.
Design implementation
Last but not least - the application of design in the development of identity tools. Even here, you will notice prospects of improvement while sharpening communication tools or creating templates and adaptations for the press and social media. Applying the principles of basic information architecture will ensure high-quality standards for all creative work.
Are you eligible
There are no limitations of years of your experience in the field - we are open to anyone who wants to join our team. However, there are some ground rules. First, brands and visual identities are not new to you, meaning that you already have run minor identity-building projects or faced some design challenges. You do understand the basic principles of combining typography, colors, and composition, as well as understand how to use Adobe Design programs. Finally, you are not scared of letting us in on the secret of your portfolio - that will help us to evaluate all contestants objectively and, perhaps, invite you to occupy a table in our office.
When it happens
The internship program lasts from 3 to 6 months at any time of the year. We plan the program to start based on the busyness of the studio and your needs.
If you are selected
Then pat yourself on the back. Just make sure that your participation is confirmed by the internship program coordinator - that will happen by notifying you in person.


There is a monthly scholarship for each participant in the internship program. You will receive a remuneration of 300 euros + taxes.

  • What is the duration of the internship?
    3 - 6 months.
  • Are there any remote internship options available?
    Face-to-face collaborations is the key, so we prefer to work together in our studio.
  • When can I expect to hear back about my application?
    It usually takes atleast one week to review your porftfolio.
Apply here

– Mail us a link to your website (or a pdf) and your CV

– Specify the period you are available for an internship