Year — 2020
Foreseeing the Tomorrow of Real Estate
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Galio Group (previously M.M.M. projects) is an international real estate development and management company, founded under the umbrella of “Vilniaus prekyba” – the biggest retail trade group in the Baltics. After almost a decade and a half of developing office complexes, they decided to branch out into a residential building sector, which called for a fresh start.

  • Line of business
    Real estate
  • Photos
    Martyna Jovaišaitė
  • We delivered
    Branding system / Communication design / Stationary design / Web design
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Galio Group’s vision is to become a number one real estate choice among first home owners. The underlying challenge was to create a brand that would both convey the emotional qualities of starting a new life chapter for its residential clients, as well as to keep a professional look, appealing to the more formal, commercial property clientele.

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Galio Group’s value lies in creating forward-looking spaces for a better living. Be it home or workplace — each is treated with equal care and attention to detail. To convey a sense of positive change, we created a logotype, featuring a subtle horizontal division in the middle, alluding to the notion of new, expanded horizons. We have chosen midnight purple as the primary brand colour, due to its representation of stability, prosperity, and harmony — qualities that are appealing to both private and commercial Galio’s audience segments.

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The concept of expanded horizons is further scaled across the website. The impression was achieved by juxtaposing images with solid blocks of text, which creates a similar effect to that of a horizon.