One Year of Logos & Marks

The case:
It's been super productive year so far and we feel that it's time to share with you guys the selected logotypes, marks and combinations we have been working on during all this fantastic 2017. We have had the chance to work with some amazing clients, therefore you may recognize some of them. We hope you like it and thank you for sharing your opinion and positive comments as always. Enjoy!
Line of business:
From boutique to corpote business
Photos by:

 bizarre  wood manufacturing company.

M + BIRD — Monogram  for photographer Martyna Paukste (Paukste in Lithuania means bird).

IMAGINE — Everything you can imagine is real. A digital branding agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

KASTU — Educational consultants for study abroad. Full story HERE

HYPERB — Real estate software design and development agency. Full story HERE

NOMAD — Winter apparel butique store. Full story HERE

LUCIDHEAD — A personal development studio. Coaching and mentoring services.

HEALTH — Healthy food restaurant with fine-dining experience.

INSURTECH — Conference about crucial innovation of the insurance industry. Full story HERE

NEST TO NEST — Litttle bird mark for nesting-box CO.

FULLSCREEN — Video production studio.

MANIFEST UTOPIA — Personal project to find meaning in creativity. Full story HERE

NEST TO NEST — Litttle tree mark for nesting-box CO.

PENKETAI — Visual culture movement of creative people in Vilnius, Lithuania.

CREATIVITY SCOUTING — small conference where three speakers share their creative experience.

DEGENERATES — Army inspired clothing brand for hipsters.

SENSE6 — Luxury women clothing and accessories. Full story HERE

ASSORTI — Premium goods and food store.

ROOTSLIVE — Live music events agency. Full story HERE

LEKSTE.LT — Food delivery service. Full story HERE

UNDRESS — Unique design women clothing.

FLAIR — Digital design studio.