NanoAvionics spacecraft engineers

The case:
NanoAvionics is a nanosatellite mission integrator focused on delivering new generation satellite buses and propulsion systems for the satellite applications market. With facilities in North America and Europe, NanoAvionics’ team consists of 45 driven and skillful employees. Company has over forty successful satellite missions achieved and keep counting.

The former Nano Avionics identity did no longer represent the company values. So, we created the new one. The inspiration for Nano Avionics identity arose and presented itself from the observations of the very core of the Avionics business. The white and sterile spaces at a clean room have become a metaphor for the technological and industrial innovations that take place in this company.

Minimalistic, aesthetic, yet contextual form allows us to create a composition which subsequently reinforces the identity and representation of the company.
Branding system, stationary design, web design
Line of business:
Commercial aerospace engineering
Photos by:
Martyna Jovaisaite, NanoAvionics

Take a look at live Nano Avionics website version — HERE