Year — 2020
Building the Future of Financial Technologies
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About the project

Rockit is the prime space in Lithuania, where top FinTech innovators, creators, and founders gather to build the future of Financial Technologies. Our main challenge working with Rockit was to translate its vibrant ecosystem of interdisciplinary cooperation, lively networking and robust expertise-sharing into the new identity system.

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    Martyna Jovaišaitė, Rockit community
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    Branding system / Communication design / Stationery design / Web design
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Client needs

To achieve Rockit’s ambition of becoming the main platform, representing Lithuanian FinTech community both locally and abroad, we turned to the key brand values — leading, connecting, and inclusive. They informed the brand’s visual language and guided the entire brand identity creation process.

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Design value

To communicate Rockit’s position as a leading Lithuanian FinTech ecosystem, we created a bold wordmark logo design. The logotype is further complemented by a muted color palette, consisting of bold pastels that reflects the ambition to bring together talent, expertise, knowledge, and infrastructure to build the next generation financial services. Together, the brand assets convey the value of connection — the heart of Rockit’s dynamic and progressive community.

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Systematic growth

The visual language is systematic and structured, yet human. This is visible through the main identity pattern, which derives from the logotype’s original shape, which depicts the process of growth — alluding to the constant development of the community and its members.

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Flexible pattern

Similarly to FinTech, one of the most dynamic industries in the world — the pattern is ever-changing. Depending on the context, it can be stretched, rotated, twisted and even bended, creating a possibility of numerous compositions for both digital and analog media.

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The new brand’s website subtly encompasses the flexible pattern, indicating connectivity, growth and inclusive culture of Rockit.

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