SMK – University of Applied Social Sciences

The case:
At its core the visual identity for the University of Applied Social Sciences is a graphic system helping to overcome any limitations of a traditional logo and helping to recognise the brand from a distinctive set of different visual elements, pictograms. The whole identity system is based on University’s mission, core values, modern approach and open mindedness. It also becomes a symbol of constant change, where every person has the possibility to create his own unique logo.
Branding system, web design, communication design
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Martyna Jovaisaite, Simona Valiuškytė

SMK Student Identity Generator
Here we present the SMK logotype generator. With this app SMK students can create their own unique symbol. 4 easy steps of games and tests and the application generates a personal logotype. The exported logotype can be used on any university paper work, social media or merchandising.

SMK Student Identity Generator
To present every individual we created more than 200 pictograms. Together they become a graphic system that overcomes any limitations of a traditional logo and helps to recognise the brand from distinctive set of different visual elements.

SMK Web page –
As the brand pushed out across digital, we created a fluent web page experience where identity symbols helps to tell a stories about specialties and core values of the university. Web page creates a link between physical identity objects and digital environment.