Year — 2016

Exploring the 6th Sense Through an Accessory Line

01 / 05

About the project

Intuition has no history. It has always been there, inside us, ready to communicate. Intuition has also brought SENSE6 to life. The company was created to remind that within us lies the universe – everything that ever was or ever will be. SENSE6 invites women to find time to feel it.

  • Line of business
    Fashion product
  • Photos
    Visvaldas Morkevičius
  • We delivered
    Branding, website
02 / 05

Design value

By putting the focus on the intimate, sensorial part between the product and its end user, entailing sight, touch and the overall kinesthetic experience of use, Sense6 was born. The identity itself is a combination of timeless sophistication, paired with distinctive contemporary elements, causing the product to feel unique and personal. Main design pattern used across the website and packaging materials employs the logo to form a recognisable geometric texture, translating brand’s sophisticated outlook into a visual form.

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Client needs

We were approached with a daunting task — to create a luxury e-commerce fashion brand for premium hair products, with all of its external representation from scratch. That included brand concept, naming, visual identity and a web store. In order to do that, we needed to find a common, unifying thread running through all of the above-mentioned elements.

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“It’s a classy design with a nice flow and a little beautiful play on the typography”

—François Hoang / Abduzeedo
05 / 05

Sense6 Website

The mixture of black & white pictures gives the website a light approach where you will be focusing on the items. The pictures are stunning and by Visvaldas Morkevičius.