Year — 2022
The new focus of scientific journals
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Launched in 1999, the company has been the largest independent publisher of scientific journals in Northern Eastern Europe. It specialises in engineering science publications but also has medical, physics, and science journals in its portfolio. Moreover, it organises a series of international conferences that attract speakers from more than 30 countries worldwide.

  • Line of business
    Academic publisher
  • Photos
    Martyna Paukste
  • We delivered
    Branding system / Stationery / Communication design
  • Web design
    Outer studio
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The company’s goal was to make scientists more focused on what they do, and the quality of their research rather than be concerned about grammar or be overloaded with any other little constraints while uploading their papers.

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Previously called JVE Journals, now the company is seen as Extrica. We renamed it after the word ‘extricate’, which means to free someone from difficulty. Thus, it resonates with the company’s goal to innovate toward scientific solutions and simplify publication processes. As a result, it is visible through their new look — the main accent in the name is the letter X, which is the most dynamic and expressive among others. It can take upon many shapes and forms, yet, at the same time, with an almost brand-less visual approach, it can give focus and help highlight Extrica’s leading cause – the content.