Year — 2019
Transforming The National Electricity Provider
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About the project

Ignitis is an international energy group, uniting over 20 companies and operating across the Baltics, Poland and Finland.
It turned to us for a brand identity that would stand the test of time and unite all of the company’s ventures under a cohesive brand.
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    Martyna Jovaišaitė
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    Branding system / Communication design / Stationery design
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Client needs

Aiming to become the region’s main competence center for energy solutions, Ignitis needed its new brand to reflect its progressive agenda. For this, we created an identity system that consists of five building blocks, each representing a major business unit, with a foundational Holding symbol at the top.

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Design value

To fully broadcast the message, the brand uses graphic element that supports the principles already established by the logo. The graphic components are embracing moments of both clear structure and visual impact, leading with a solid colour palette, mixing headlines with colour-blocked shapes and icons. The whole identity system is based on Ignitis’ expertise, trust, versatility and innovation.

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Identity system

Investing into a visual identity should have a return for years to come. That’s why we create identity systems that can be adapted to different formats and marketing materials or even extended to cover new business ventures or side projects when a brand expands.

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“A new stage in our history is starting”

— Darius Maikstenas / Ignitis group CEO