Year — 2023

Reimagining Creative Europe

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The Lithuanian office for the EU program “Creative Europe,” known as Kūrybiškos Europos Biuras, plays a vital role in fostering cultural and linguistic diversity, promoting artistic collaboration among European professionals, and facilitating the development, distribution, and promotion of European content and media literacy.

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    Martyna Paukste
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    Branding system / Communication design


While the office provided countless exciting cultural opportunities, it lacked a cultural aspect in its visual identity and overall presentation that truly encapsulated its wide-ranging portfolio.

Typically, Creative Europe desks adopt a more restrained approach in their visual identities, often incorporating the EU flag and leaving empty space for photography. Therefore, finding a unique, colorful, and consistent identity in this field is rare. As a result, we made the decision to ensure that Kūrybiškos Europos Biuras stands out from others while maintaining its recognizability in a modern way.



By retaining the concept of the EU flag, we transformed it into squares that metaphorically represent blank pages or empty spaces, symbolizing the potential for new possibilities. The brand also incorporates additional elements, such as icons resembling “blank pages,” derived from the logotype’s character. These icons depict the process of folding and communicate the concept of cultural growth on a daily basis. The selection of typography and color palette aims to emphasize the brand’s unique character, seamlessly complementing the new photography style.

Now, the visual identity embodies a dynamic and vibrant community. It represents a culture of transparency and clear communication, reflecting its distinctive activities.