Year — 2023

Every car hides a story

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Carvertical is the world’s largest car data dealership; yet, they are a true game-changer in the automotive industry, empowering individuals throughout their entire car journey — from choosing the right vehicle to caring for it and eventually selling it.

  • Line of business
    Car data platform
  • Photos
    Vincas Čygas
  • Illustrations
    Andstudio / Carvertical team
  • We delivered
    Mascot design / Branding system / Communication design
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While the traditional image of the second-hand car market is one-sided—a masculine garage character—today’s trend, as indicated by Carvertical research and surveys, shows that the audience is multifaceted. This means that the audience is growing and includes both men and women, experts, and beginners. Therefore, it was time for Carvertical to convey its democratizing expert knowledge through an instantly welcoming approach to cars.


Thus, unlike competitors who were increasingly embracing technology and showcasing themselves in vibrant digital colors, we started to imagine a brand that was genuinely democratic. We drew inspiration from the nature of the service and the graphic perspective of the logo.

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The “V” in the logotype plays a central role, signifying a checkmark and creating a distinctive shape. From this shape, we derived two characters, Vertical & Vertical, who serve as Carvertical’s mascots. Their minimalist style, characterized by rounded corners and black line limbs, mirrors the identity’s simplicity and flexibility.


Throughout the branding, Vertical & Vertical play a prominent role, guiding customers along their car journey, ensuring they feel heard, welcomed, and understood. The visual language incorporates warm-toned, natural photography alongside simplified infographics and clear sans-serif typography to foster a sense of familiarity and user-friendliness.


Carvertical can now ensure that they are widely seen, supported by a unified and adaptable branding that truly sets them apart in the market. Its newfound playful and exciting identity becomes friendly and accessible to all, while the characters ensure they attract amateur buyers to the category.