Year — 2022
Forward movement delivery
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Venipak has been in the delivery market for over 15 years now, reaching milestones even above what we could have expected. From parcel lockers to Venipak Avia service, Venipak collaborates with their clients by optimising the processes and representing the needs on their behalf.

  • Line of business
    Delivery service
  • Photos
    Vincas Cygas
  • We delivered
    Branding system / Communication design / Stationery design / Packaging design / Transport design
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Venipak seeks to save clients’ time and make its services intuitive and effortless. Hence, the new visual look needed to prove the company’s expertise in turning good solutions into the best practices and experiences.  

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Design value

Delivery service could be described as a process of transporting goods from source location to destination. Or, to put it briefly, a movement from one place to another. Therefore, it also resonates with Venipak’s aim to represent the constant movement forward, leading to the future. As a result, we created a meaning for that process of ‘shifting’ by leaving a colour trail and element repetition in the identity. That’s how a forward movement becomes an essential element in the new direction among the bold, simple visual language. In addition, squares become an important accent as a connotation of delivery parcels.

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“From the newcomers in the delivery market, we have become a global company providing avia and logistics solutions all over the world.”

— Asta Raudoniene / Head of Marketing at Venipak Global