Year — 2021

Cutting the distance between cultures

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Ohne Distanz: Litauische Kultur in Bayern 2021 is a cultural festival introducing Lithuanian music, art, cinema, and theatre in Bavaria, Germany. In times of isolation, the festival tried to look for a way of bringing everyone closer and having creative dialogues without any distance.

  • Line of business
    Cultural festival
  • We delivered
    Branding system / Communication design / Stationery design
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While many related festivals present themselves more or less the same—by showing the cultural program and disappearing till the next year—Lithuania wanted to finally stand out with its unconventional thinking while presenting its culture to establish a dialogue with others.

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The aim of starting co-operation needed to reflect on their invitation, i.e. the festival’s identity. Hence, the central concept of the project became “distance”. In the beginning, you can see that between the two titles, there is a distance – it shows a clear psychical, psychological and social distance between Lithuania and Germany. However, a dense blob glues it together and forms a container for various cultural events. For that, we created a representative visual metaphor – any distance can be filled with culture.