Year — 2021

Expressing personalities through phone cases

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Every phone deserves a proper case!” states Ziji, an online store of customised phone cases. Because at Ziji, they are specifically designed for creative individuals to reflect their true selves.

  • Line of business
    Phone accessories
  • Photos
    Martyna Paukste
  • We delivered
    Branding system / Communication design / Stationery design / Packaging design
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Not only the company focuses on the final product but also the creation process. From emotions, ideas, and inspirations to the final tangible result, the one that can hold for a long time. Ziji provides everyone with the opportunity to become a creator of oneself; of zìjĭ, meaning individual character, one’s inner self in Chinese. Hence, the client wanted to be associated with friendliness and accommodate ideas of all types of creators.

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Design value

The Ziji character is based on the thought of a bubble, more humane, close and friendly mascot. He is like a caring, warm helper, which leads creators from their idea to their final product touch. Moreover, the character’s style of illustration is reminiscent of hand-drawn doodles, directly associated with the process of sketching and realising one’s ideas.