Year — 2018

Engaging A New Generation of Creative Students

01 / 07

About the project

At its core the visual identity for the University of Applied Social Sciences is a graphic system helping to overcome any limitations of a traditional logo and helping to recognise the brand from a distinctive set of different visual elements, pictograms.

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    Martyna Jovaišaite, Simona Valiuškytė
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    Branding system / Motion design / Art direction / Stationery / Web design
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Client needs

SMK is a university, based in Vilnius, that came to us with a clear problem — its stiff corporate identity did not project their modern spirit or creative value to students, both potential and current. As a result, the funnel of incoming or interested students has been gradually decreasing. Moreover, a lack of differentiation among other higher education institutions was damaging the perceived advantage that SMK studies provide.

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Design value

During the design process we came to a decision that the most untapped, yet potential filled asset, we could help SMK harness is its wildly creative students. Instead of the standard design approach, we set out to create a visual language that the community could co-create on their own. We created a design system, which allows each student to create a personalized SMK logo as well as branded materials through an interactive game. It was an overnight hit inside the community, with nearly 100% of students creating their own customized solution within the first month of the release. It did not take long for it to be noticed outside the community too — the first year after it was launched, the number of students that have chosen to study at SMK – even without a state funded place – increased by a staggering 57%.

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SMK Student Identity Generator

Here we present the SMK logotype generator. With this app SMK students can create their own unique symbol. 4 easy steps of games and tests and the application generates a personal logotype. The exported logotype can be used on any university paper work, social media or merchandising.

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SMK Student Identity 

To present every individual we created more than 200 pictograms. Together they become a graphic system that overcomes any limitations of a traditional logo and helps to recognise the brand from distinctive set of different visual elements.

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SMK Website

As the brand pushed out across digital, we created a fluent web page experience where identity symbols helps to tell a stories about specialties and core values of the university. Web page creates a link between physical identity objects and digital environment.

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“ I find this to be entertaining, exciting, and bold. ”

— Armin Vit / founder of Brandnew